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Owner Operator:  David Copley    |    12 Kent Road, Maida Vale WA 6057    |    0417 914 639    |    david@copleycontracting.com.au    |    ABN: 15 950 066 081

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Copley Contracting is a small specialist supplier with many years of experience in providing drainage services to Local Government.
David started working with his father as a 15 year old in the cottage industry sewer and stormwater work. This progressed and about 1990 David started doing road drainage and sub division for industrial sites.

These services compliment major works by project contractors and can be directly accessed under the WALGA PANEL for drainage upgrades and manhole cover replacements due to road resurfacing projects. With our knowledge of Perth and its surrounds, we are able to offer practical and honest advice to our clients and can execute a wide range of their requirements with a minimum of fuss.

As part of our Occupational Health and Safety policy the safety and well-being of our staff and clients is of paramount importance. All of our operators have accreditation for industry white cards and first aid.

Our plant and people are comprehensively insured and we have public liability insurance to cover all our work. Our insurances are available to prospective clients on request.

All machines are thoroughly checked by our experienced staff before delivery to ensure everything is operating correctly. Where applicable, equipment has been fitted with hazard lights, rotating beacons, fire extinguishers and reverse alarms.

Some of our long-standing clients include:

Downer EDI
Broad onstruction Services
Local shires (WALGA)